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And once it’s empty, you’ll have to hold it for ten minutes before you get to let it out. "I’m going to give you three quarts in this bag.

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This is how the game works, "explained Jennifer in-fact tone of matter. Jefferey could start to feel panic. " Steaming lather flowed to the side. She smiled a little bag and squeeze. hot sexy naked ladies  image of hot sexy naked ladies .


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Then she took his penis in her mouth and started sucking. "Do not you dare to come," she warned, "or you’ll really regret it." And then he pushed another finger in the ass full-Jefferey and stroked his prostate.

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She smeared it with KY jelly. ladies have sex  image of ladies have sex , It was a good six inches long and about an inch in diameter. Then she reached up and got out of the nozzle from the mouth of the bag.


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Lick me there. " Excellent, "she whispered," the Perfect ", and again he heard an ominous click." I stretch my neck and started licking her in long, slow strokes. "

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To achieve this, "she commanded, and Jefferey raised his head. black slut  image of black slut , With her shiny lips a few inches above his nose. " Then she climbed on the bed and sat down on his face.

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I can not keep it. She said, and then she laughed. " And Jennifer has prepared a kitchen timer, which it set for fifteen minutes, not ten. "

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And finally, the bag is emptied with the slurping sound. moms and daughter porn  image of moms and daughter porn He only had a couple of enemas in his life, and all of them were unpleasant and explosive.

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Jennifer re-set the timer for fifteen minutes, and announced that they will spend time in the 69. Then she said, Jefferey, to relax and allow the enema to work.

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